Join our fight against online child abuse!


The Internet has connected us and brought enormous new social - and business opportunities. It has shaped the world into a network of people communicating independent from distance and time zones. We are always on.

Although its impact on our social and economic development last decades is indisputable, the Internet also opened new opportunities to share, sell horrific material like child abuse material and by doing so stimulate pedophiles to start producing this material by abusing children themselves.


Web-IQ founders decided to take action by identifying and uncovering these child abuse related Internet and DarkNet sites to help Law Enforcement in their fight against child abuse online. Web-IQ supports LEA’s by providing phenomenon insights, Intel knowledge and above all a surgical operative Intel platform that enables them to drill down these horrific sites from billions of pages to networks and people that abuse children.


Web-IQ VoyagerOne platform enables us and LEA’s to targeted crawl and classify billions of Clear- and DarkNet pages as well as Social Media. 
Our Intel driven interface instantly shows geographical footprints of selected data.

This platform can be fully operated by LEA’s themselves. From crawling data up to configuring teams of users and domain specific Intelligence. But as we are the ones who built it and also have more than 10 years of expertise with fighting online child abuse, we are the ones to help. Our Intel department provides full support with EG a profound (100 Million docs) Darknet dataset in their tool case.