The scalable Web Intelligence platform for Law Enforcement Agencies.


VoyagerOne is a turn key in-house web crawling and web intelligence platform for customers who want full control over their data and want to keep their intelligence within their premises. 

Web Intelligence

VoyagerOne collects pages, images and videos from Web sites, market places, forums, Social Media and Darknet sources like Tor hidden services. 

VoyagerOne uses this data to build information, extract meta data and entities and construct networks and relations.

Visual User Interface

All data in VoyagerOne can be explored with an intuitive user interface that offers custom search and filter options and visualisations like geographical views, time charts and powerful network graphs.

Find new evidence, get valuable insights and discover trends.

Keep track

VoyagerOne includes a Case Management system including alerts, evidence logging and collaboration.


VoyagerOne runs on your own distributed infrastructure at your premises or in your private cloud. 
The data is under your control and intelligence never leaves the building.

Designed to scale 

Some questions need big data in order to be answered. VoyagerOne's architecture builds upon scalable open source technologies to support up to billions of Web documents at petabyte scale. 



VoyagerOne offers a Plugin Framework to extend the platform with your own specific crawling, analysis and investigation logic.

VoyagerOne's API allows for integration with your existing workflows and other data intelligence systems.