The services provided by Web-IQ.

Who we help 

Law Enforcement agencies that are in need of expertise or instant support with tooling or data within Internet related criminal domains like Online Child Abuse. At the bottom of this page you will find our partners;

How we do it

Intel consultancy

You will meet with a Web-IQ Intel consultant to define your demand and our role in supporting your case. After signing mutual agreed goals and most importantly Data Protection agreement that covers non-disclosure and procedures to handle potential prosecution data, we start our collaboration. Web-IQ “war-room” and weekly iteration meeting based on progress, web-data retrieved and analysed and concrete results we support you closing your cases in an accountable way. A prosecution proof document concludes the process although we will get in touch if new facts or insights reach our Intel team.


Web-IQ is equipped to lead and participate in non-case related more R&D driven projects. EG our expertise on Darknet structures and behaviour of people anonymously using this part of the Internet is often appreciated in projects started by several LEA’s or other knowledge institutes.

Data as a service

Web-IQ actively crawls data for example in our “War on online Child Abuse”. This data is available to use via our interfaces by LEA’s with specific questions. Web-IQ does not have to be involved in these cases other than supplying data.



Check out these case studies to learn more about the things VoyagerOne can do for your intelligence organisation.