DarkNet Search

Web-IQ offers DarkNet Data as a Service.

Law Enforcement exclusive. At no costs. By invitation only.

Darknet Update newsletter

Apply for a subscription to our Darknet Update newsletter. Our analysts bring you high level peeks into our Darknet dataset every 3 weeks. 

Darknet data as a Service

Web-IQ crawlers are continuously retrieving Darknet data from Tor Hidden Services. This data is stored in our secure cloud. We offer Law enforcement the opportunity to access this data using VoyagerOne. This data provides a unique reference in your cases that will help closing or directing your investigation.

Web-IQ currently offers this service for free. By invitation only.

  • Up to 10 users in your team
  • Configuration fitting your Law Enforcement domain 
  • Instant view on dataset characteristics using VoyagerOne data-dashboard
  • Subscription on Weekly Web-IQ Intel journal
  • Weekly updated dataset(s)

Please contact darkweb@web-iq.eu to apply for access!